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Your website needs to look impressive, it has to be clear and consistent, you know that already. But don’t just focus everything online. You should combine your online presence with offline marketing. Why? Print and direct mail is proven to build trust. It’s perceived to be more credible. It plays with emotions. And it appeals to multiple senses – touch and sight. There’s nothing like it. And you can exploit that power, very cost-effectively.

Business cards

You don’t need a psychology lecture on how the quality of your card influences people’s perception of the quality of your business. You’ve heard it often enough.

Instead, ask “is it clear what you actually do”? You’d be surprised how many cards we see with just a business name. It may be fine if you’re “Northern Fishmongers” where the business name states what you do, but it’s not very clear what you do if you’re “PAP Associates”.

Use the reverse side of the card to list your services. Spell it out, or splash a pic of your bestselling product.


Leaflets and Flyers

We have a large range of leaflet sizes, shapes and thickness so you can choose the best solution to promote your business.

Leaflets are so versatile, it’s no surprise so many of our customers find them an essential part of their marketing. Whether they’re being popped through letterboxes, inserted into newspapers, posted out or propped up on the counter full-colour leaflets look great and are incredibly low cost.

If you’re looking for leaflet design and print to match your current branding, we will work with you to create quality leaflets you’ll be proud to hand out.


Folded leaflets

These are great for price lists, low-cost mailers and brochures.

Folded leaflets make great mini brochures. Imagine the world before some clever Henry invented folding. Imagine the size of linen cupboard you’d need to fit your duvet cover in? Well, if you’ve got more to say than you can fit on a leaflet, get a bigger leaflet and fold it. Makes sense really. They’re easier to handle, cheaper than a booklet and cheaper to mail out.


Not sure if we do it? Contact us, because chances are, we can make it happen!